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Smarter Decisions come from Better Intelligence

Get alerted when your product data changes on major online retailers, so you can react quickly to protect your investment in your catalog.

Eloquence on Alert monitors critical factors such as fluctuating sale prices, missing product pages, third-party seller activity, and other hidden indicators of your title's health. EoA's deep data gives you the power to confidently and proactively ensure your catalog's ongoing success.

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Put Our Eyes on Your Books

In the book world, life moves fast. Every day brings new changes to a chaotic marketplace, leaving less time to track rapidly escalating issues.

Eloquence on Alert, a new Title Performance Monitoring product from Firebrand Technologies, a trusted source, is here to fix this problem.

Our proprietary Data Gathering Service pulls hard-to-access data from major retail sites, placing it at your fingertips. EoA's powerful search lets you access easy-to-understand data analysis about your products.

Eloquence on Alert finds key indicators that impact your catalog, placing them at your fingertips. The right data, better insights, in less time.

Daily collection of data from major online marketplaces
Robust, custom alerts and notifications about key issues that impact your business
Track and investigate third-party sellers that take your Buy Box

Key Features of EoA

Powerful, Multi-faceted Searching
Search our data using over 20 different factors simultaneously. Our searching capability is second to none and is focused on the publishing industry.
Third-Party Seller Activity
Monitor and understand who's selling your titles with our exclusive Third-Party Seller search. Understand who is taking your buy button, for which products, and when.
Custom and Timely Alerts
Create rules around your key performance factors and get alerted to changes. We monitor a title's data for fluctuations and alert you when significant events occur.
Easy Data Export
Your spreadsheet just got a lot smarter. With our easy data export, you can combine EoA data with your own to create powerful insights into a title's health and performance.
Easy Title Tagging
Organize your titles and searches using easy-to-manage, user created Tags. You can even share Tags amongst your team to speed understanding and work efficiently.
Audience Behavior and Trends
Monitor a title's review count and ratings over time so that you can detect trends and react to audience feedback.

About Us

Eloquence on Alert is brought to you by Firebrand Technologies, a leading company in the publishing technology services space. Along with our sister company, NetGalley, we are dedicated to helping publishers harness data that can be used to help shape decision-making, innovate proactively, and streamline workflows. Eloquence on Alert and NetGalley Advanced are just two of the deliberate steps we are taking toward that goal.

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